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Hello and welcome to Teaching Music is Fun! We are a community centered on helping new and experienced music teachers engage their students in fun and interactive ways. I will also provide faster ways of learning music for your students or for anyone starting to learn a new instrument.



I always said that I never wanted to be a teacher, and I never did. I enjoyed performing, I was quite good at it. But then after completing my Music Education degree at university and life began to get real (cause let’s face it, life is still care-free as a student), I needed a job and I knew that I could teach.

My first job as a graduate was teaching English to foreign students in China and Taiwan, and this is when I discovered that I’m actually a good teacher. I noticed that I had an ability to b

reak things down in simple ways so that anyone could understand it.

2 years later, I became a Music Teacher and I’m absolutely loving it! I currently teach primary school kids doing individual music lessons, as well as creative arts classes for grades 4-6. I’m the choir conductor at the school, which has proved to be rewarding and very insightful.


I created this website to help musicians, music students and teachers by sharing my music teaching experiences and knowledge. For music education graduates, I want to provide a smooth transition from student life to the professional work environment. Personally, there’s many things I wish I knew before transitioning into work life.


My aim is that this will be a platform where fellow music teachers can share their insights and ideas, so that we can encourage and help each other become excellent teachers, for the future of our students and for our self-esteem. A place where we can learn and practice what has been shared. We too need to continually be practicing new tips to keep our audience engaged and keep the class environment happy and fun.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,



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